About Us

Thank you for your interest in League Management Solutions. We are proud of our people, our services and our company and hope that you will find this brochure useful and informative.

How We Got Started

LMS was founded by frustrated parents. We originally developed a web solution that addressed the needs of teachers, parents and schools. Starting with our own children's schools, we built a company (www.schoolworld.com) that provided web-sites to over 70,000 classrooms. The key to our growth was simple: listen to teachers and parents and give them exactly what they need. In 2009 we sold that company and found our next challenge.

With League Management Solutions we intend to do exactly what we did with SchoolWorld. Rather than providing solutions to schools, teachers, students and parents, we are now working with athletic leagues, coaches, athletes and parents.

We have combined the lessons that we learned in the classroom (simplicity always wins) with our own experience (we have all coached teams and have kids in youth sports) to develop what we believe is the best management system for athletic leagues.

League Management Solutions is the first to automate the needs of both the league (registration, team management, calendar management and funding) with the needs of the team (communication, communication, communication).

We are confident that LMS can simplify the management of your athletic league and offer league administrators, coaches, athletes and parents a better, more fulfilling experience. We are equally confident that LMS can significantly reduce the time spent managing both your league and your sports teams. Lastly, LMS is designed to reduce costs, reduce volunteer hours and increasing sponsorship and donation dollars.

Just as with or prior company, our first goal is to solve problems. If we do that well enough, we can also build a business. We hope that you will take a few minutes to review our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will not hesitate to let us know what we can do for you.

What is the "League Management Solution"?

We started by asking ourselves, what are the hardest things about running an athletic league. Our list looked something like this:

1. Recruiting good coaches and volunteers
2. Managing paperwork - registration, rosters and schedules
3. Communication with coaches, parents, players, volunteers, referees...

League Management Solutions was designed to make each of these easier. LMS is also the first company to integrate the needs of the league and the needs of individual teams into a single system. The following is a summary of what we offer for each.

For the League:

  • On-line Registration for players and volunteers
  • On-line payment for registration, tournaments, merchandise...
  • Revenue from on-line advertising
  • Revenue from donations
  • Automated Team and Roster Management
  • Master Calendar - for league and individual teams
  • Risk Management Program with automated background checks
  • Communication system
  • League wide data base, with no manual entry

For the Team:

  • Individual Website for each team - no input required
  • Calendar & Roster automatically populated
  • Communication solution that includes web, e-mail and texting
  • Ability to track attendance, statistics, payments, etc.
  • Upload photos or videos
League Functions

Paperless On-line Registration

LMS allows you to register players, coaches, volunteers officials etc for regular season, tournaments, end of the year banquets, or any event. You can customize registration forms to gather the information you need - and eliminate tracking and manual data entry.

Not only does this eliminate the paper work, it vastly increases accuracy. No more illegible or partially filled out forms. No more entering email address and phone numbers into the computer. On-line registration also reduces printing and mailing costs. No need to print, fold, stuff and mail registration forms. Most importantly, it can reduce the amount of time spent on registration by 90%, freeing up league managers and volunteers to focus on more important things - like running the league.

On-line Payment

On-line payment is not limited to team sign ups. Tournament registration for either teams or individual players, team banquets, uniform sales, or even donations to your league can all be handled on-line.

All fees are paid via a secure site and are directly deposited into the bank account of your choice (different fees can be paid to different accounts). If your league already has an e-commerce solution and an existing merchant account, we there is no need to change vendors. Otherwise, LMS can assist your league with establishing a secure payment system, from start to finish.

All payments are handled through an encrypted network that uses the highest level of encryption (128 bit) with a Secure Socket Layer to ensure the security of payments.

Roster Management

Once players are registered, they are included in your league's data base, and can be sorted and assigned to teams based on rules that you decide. Do you want players assigned to last year's team? Do you want to make sure that siblings play on the same team? Do you need data sheets for coaches to use in a draft? LMS offers a proprietary team generator that sorts players and builds rosters on an automated basis.

The team assignment process, that used to take some leagues days, and even weeks to complete, can now be done in a matter or minutes.

Once a team is formed, you have the ability to reassign players, assign team colors, names, practice fields, practice times etc. At the touch of a button, you can print out team rosters that include any data that you want, from contact information, prior experience, special needs etc.

Calendar Management

Once teams are created, our proprietary calendar system provides you an automated tool for scheduling games based on any set of rules you desire. The system has built in safe-guards that prevent double-scheduling, imbalanced schedules, conflicting games for teams coached by a single individual etc.


LMS offers a communication system that allows you to communicate directly with any group of individuals on a real time basis. Do you need to send an e-mail to every coach? How about a rules update to your officials? Do you want to send a thank-you note to every contributor or volunteer? Or, what if a child goes missing - Do you have a way to send instant email and text message to everyone in your league?

Our communication allows you to send an email and or text message to anyone you want, whenever you want, and can be tailored endlessly to meet your needs.

Team Functions


Providing tools for league administration is only half of what we do. LMS also provides every team with a fully functioning web-site that can be customized with team colors and logos. Best of all, the web-site is generated automatically, without any input from coaches, volunteers or league administrators.

In addition to providing a valuable communication tool for coaches, parents and athletes, the websites give the league control over the image a content associated with its leagues. All team websites can be viewed and edited by league members.

Without ever touching a computer, every coach starts the year with a professional web-site that includes the team roster, team calendar, team standings, directions to every playing field, local weather, league news, and any form or document necessary. Providing the coach with a powerful tool for managing a team, and providing the league with a powerful tool for recruiting coaches.

Each team can personalize their website with photos, videos, statistics, news stories or any other information needed.

In addition to game time and location, calendars can include information like who is responsible for drinks & snacks, what color uniform to wear or any other information that might be useful.

Websites can be updated on a real-time basis from any computer with an internet connection, making the site an ideal way to communicate weather delays, game results, tournament information, or any other time sensitive information.

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