Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is League Management Solutions?
A: LMS provides sports leagues and sports teams with a comprehensive solution for on-line management of leagues. We allow sports teams to fully automate everything from the registration of players to the providing every team with an individual team web-site. LMS offers web-based solutions:

  • Player Registration
  • League Scheduling
  • Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers
  • Individual Team Websites
  • League Alerts æ©¡ text & email
  • Rooster Management and many more...

Q: How much does LMS cost?
A: It depends upon the size of your league, and exactly what you purchase. However, we offer numerous pricing and payment options that allow you to meet your budget. We understand that our customers are sports leagues running on tight budgets, and our products are priced accordingly. Request a Quote

Q: What kind of a computer system does our league need to use LMS?
A: LMS is web-based, and hosted on our computers. All you need is a connection to the internet.

Q: What kind of training is needed to use LMS?
A: LMS is highly intuitive, and no special training is required to use the site. If you have questions, the site includes an interactive help feature, and LMS has a friendly and eager customer support team waiting for your call.

Q: Will there be advertising on my web sites?
A: It is your choice. If you want to sell advertising to raise revenue for your league, you can sell advertising on the league site and on every individual team site.

Q: Is the site secure?
A: Yes. Your sites are hosted in a secure and monitored hosting facility, Your data is stored on multiple servers, and backed up on a daily basis.

Q: What happens if the website "goes-down"?
A: We guarantee 99.9% availability.

Q: What about privacy?
A: All data is maintained in a secure and password-protected environment.

Q: Is there a limit as to how many team sites our league can have?
A: No, the application holds an infinite about of teams and leagues.

Q: Is LMS COPPA Compliant?
A: Yes.

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